Dear editor,

I am running for Chico City Council. I think Chico’s best days are ahead if us! Jobs are my top priority – and keeping a magnifying glass focus on the City budget.¬†With the right decisions and investments, businesses will expand and new employers locate here.

I was mayor of Chico at age 32 – and helped create the Greenline (protecting agricultural land), 20th St. Community Park, and the Chico bus system. Much more recently my volunteer work helped Saturday Farmers Market overturn the City’s eviction, and I am helping organize local businesses to land dependable air service, and helping the Chapman neighborhood move a toxic junkyard. I thank BEC for recognizing my work last year with a lifetime achievement award.

In different ways, successful small farmers and dependable air service sustain good jobs, but another critical piece is housing we can afford. In my career I have helped over 300 families become self-help homebuilders and homeowners, and have helped dozens of communities nationwide build housing that working people can afford.

After even a brief conversation with me you’ll discover I grew up in a huge family – the 7th child in a family 14. I work well in groups! Linda and I have raised two children in Chico, and have much to be thankful for. I ask for your support, and the opportunity to again serve.

Karl Ory